Fabric 10+ ways, with a dose of humor

I am not feeling very chatty today. Perhaps a quick list will be sufficient to entertain us?

I don’t have any pictures for you, and I have no amusing personal anecdotes of my own projects using these ideas. I am sure you have seen something like this on many other sites, no?

Well, I hope you enjoy. One word of caution, though, I am not responsible if you burn yourself with hot glue! I have done that, and let me tell you, it’s no picnic!

Some ways to alter and use fabric without sewing.

  1. Take a large bit of cloth, lay it out on the floor, pile more fabric, laundry, pillows, in the middle  and tie the corners and along the sides to make a pet bed. Or just dump a pile on the floor and call it good.
  2. Use paint to decorate the cloth; acrylic or tempera paint (with or without fabric medium*), watercolors, crayons, pastels, markers, pens, etc. Hang on the wall, drape over couch, tie into pillows, wipe your nose with it.
  3. To make a knot rag doll, take a square or somewhat rectangle piece of fabric, find a round ball, or ball-form, and having placed the ball just off center of the middle of the cloth, tie the cloth around it. Then tie knots in the corners which are hanging down. These will be the hands and feet. It resembles a dog-toy.
  4. Staple fabric around and onto forms as upholsters do. Furniture, wooden frames, canvas boards, glass top-dining tables set on wooden legs.
  5. Embroider, applique,  or otherwise embellish the fabric for use in other projects.
  6. Make a no-sew pillow cover, as seen in 500 other posts!
  7. Use braided cloth to make bracelets, baskets, t-shirt necklaces/scarves
  8. Cut into strips, you know, ribbons, and use as, you know, hair bows!
  9. Reuse and recycle fabric for gift wrap, like furoshiki.
  10. Knot the corners in various ways to make a knotted handle purse, or a hobo-bag tied to a stick!

See here, we have three clever variations:

  1. All four corners tied in a bundle.
  2. Two corners tied together, with the other two corners wrapped around the contents of the bag.
  3. All the corners tied around purse handles.

Bonus plays:

  1. ModPodge that stuff all over your shoes!
  2. Use as-is for a placemat or desk mat. I think my grandma has one she calls a ‘runner’.
  3. Hang as curtains with curtain clip rings on a rod. Hey- don’t we call that ‘cafe-style’?
  4. Crochet or knit strips to turn it into a rug. Yes! A fancy-shmancy tripping hazard! Woo!
  5. Collage it onto something, like a jewelry box. This is deffinitly different than doing your shoes!
  6. Twist and roll up some various fabric flowers; individually cut petals, whatever.

And For the Win:

  1. Hot. Glue. Yes, this.   
  1. Cover a cardboard box
  2. Cover a lamp shade
  3. Or get fancy and try a glue dye-resist. Hmm.

Have some other funny or unusual, or “normal” use for fabric which does not include the use of dangerous tools like needles and scissors? Let me know!




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